10 Healthy Meal Alternatives Using a Spiralizer

After getting the amazing Very Healthy Spiral Slicer, a lot of our customers get overwhelmed with all the super-cool things they can do with the slicer. But here is a thought: does getting a spiralizer or living a healthy lifestyle means you can’t have mainstream delicious meals? Does that mean you should only consume salads and boring soups?

Definitely not!

With our Spiralizer you can give a healthy twist to the mainstream, popular and conventionally unhealthy meals like pizza and pasta. The key to living a paleo lifestyle is to see the existing world from a different perspective and add a new twist to your meals with innovative techniques like spiralizing.

Here we review some of the entrees that can be prepared by using a spiralizer:

1. Pasta
Zucchini Pasta with Bails Walnut Pesto

Carbohydrate-rich pasta is probably one of the most commonly used ingredient that makes the meal delicious and appetizing (especially for young kids and adolescents). Pasta are also relatively quick to prepare, however, the only down-side is flour that delivers empty calories to fatten your body. Vegetable pasta or vegetable noodles can be prepared at home by using spiralizer.
– Make sure to try zucchini noodles and sweet potato and sausage noodles with your spiralizer to add a new zing to traditionally boring pastas.

2. Noodles


Different vegetable noodles can also be used as an alternative to Asian noodles. Healthy vegetables can be added for essential nutrients with noodles.
– Most noodles recipes can easily include zucchini noodles (especially with tofu if you are a paleo-follower) and zucchini and ginger scallions with egg drop soup.

3. Rice
With the help of a spiralizer, rice can also be prepared with hard vegetables. They then can be cooked in a regular rice manner.
– Some of the common vegetables that are very popular as rice substitute are: sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, beet root etc. Sweet potato fried rice can be made with most spiralizers.

4. BunsBuns

By compressing the vegetable noodles, you can make amazingly delicious patties and buns at home to savor the appetite and taste-buds of your kids. In fact, it is highly recommended to replace the regular flour buns with vegetable buns and petties in your kid lunch-boxes. Not to forget, vegetable petties and buns are full of nutrition and are hygienic at the same time. Egg is usually added when preparing patties or buns to hold the shape.
– Veggie sandwich and cheese sandwich can be prepared using a spiralizer. You can also make potato patties with carrots and other veggies of your choice to make a yummy mixed veggie petty.

5. Fries and chips
Potato fries and conventionally available packaged potato chips are salty, high in sodium and high in artificial preservatives/ coloring agents which are obviously hazardous for your health. You can easily spiralize the hard vegetables and either dehydrate or fry in olive oil to make delicious home-made veggie fries. Diet fries can be made with vegetables that are lower in starch and calorie content than potato such as jicama.
– Jicama fries can be prepared by using spiralizer. You can also make dehydrated carrot fries to get the vital vitamins and nutrients with minimal calories.

6. Pasta salad
Incorporate different salad ingredients such as lettuce, beans, tomato etc. in the vegetable noodles.
– Some of the pasta salad examples include egg zucchini pasta with tuna and celery. Greek pasta salad.

7. Pizza

Pizza crust can be prepared by using the bun prepared from compressed vegetable noodles and adding egg to stick the veggies. For preparing the crust, the size of the bun must be three to four times larger than the usual Pattie size. Sprinkle vegetables and pizza sauce as per choice and then bake.
– Marinara pizza with sweet potato noodle can be prepared at home using a spiral slicer.

8. Soups
Prepare a healthy and nutrition-filled soup by incorporating vegetable noodles instead of using real pasta.
– Sweet potato noodles and Mexican fideo soup can be prepared using a spiral slicer.

9. Salads
Use different cuts of spiralized vegetables to prepare a salad. Combination of cucumber, carrots and zucchini is used for replacing lettuce crisp.
– Kale and zucchini apple slaw, noodle salad with red wine vinaigrette are some examples of salad prepared using a spiral slicer.

10. Casseroles

Vegetarian lasagna with eggplant, courgette, sweet potatos and tomato sauce on a white plate.
A lot of time is wasted in cutting and slicing pasta noodles. Simply prepare noodles using zucchini and different vegetables of your choice. This can cut off a massive amount of calories without compromising the quality and taste value of a healthy diet.
– Spinach lasagna with zucchini noodles can be served as family friendly casseroles.

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