20 Father’s Day Recipes Gone Healthy


As we all know, Father’s day is a special opportunity to show our Dad’s just how much they mean to us. Good food enjoyed surrounded by family and loved ones is pretty hard to beat and will certainly show your Dad how much he means to you. When planning a Father’s Day meal, a lot of us will immediately think of traditional and stereotypical ‘mans’ food. Thick and juicy steak, assortments of meat smothered in barbecue sauce, plenty of fried and chilli-laden accompaniments and all washed down with a couple of cold ones. While the thought alone may have you drooling from the mouth, it’s certainly not going to have such a positive impact on your old man’s health and wellbeing. The key to the perfect Father’s day meal is finding that balance between delicious and nutritious. Rest assured, there is a mass of healthy food options that will get the taste buds tingling while simultaneously working their invigorating and healthful magic.

Here we have accumulated a large selection of healthy and hearty meals to give you plenty of choices and to keep Dad, as well as the rest of the family, well fed all day long. Every meal needs a good introduction that sets a precedent for the tasty treats to come, so where else to start than with a tempting array of starters.

1. Chilli and Lime Chicken Wings

Kicking things off with some citrus and spice are these sticky, tangy and downright irresistible chicken wings. Nothing gets a family gathering started like some finger food, and its time for the sugary, high calorie and oil soaked barbecue wings to step aside and make room for the new and improved alternative. The recipe is packed full of herbs and spices, incorporating flavours such as cilantro, jalapeño peppers, lime juice and garlic to create the spectacularly green marinade. Cranking up the health aspect even further is the fact that these wings are then baked in the oven or grilled rather than fried, until they turn crisp and golden brown.

2. Cauliflower and Leek Soup

2. Cauliflower and Leek Soup

Photo: Green Kitchen Stories

This soup makes a wonderfully nutritious and warming starter that offers a nutty flavour and creamy texture. Not only does it provide a wide array of vitamins and minerals but the cauliflower also acts as a healthy and natural thickener, eliminating the need for high fat creams and alternatives. The soup is finished with fresh thyme, lemon zest and toasted almonds to guarantee that your dad is just as impressed with the soups presentation, as he will be with the taste.

3. Squash and Kale Toasted Bread

Everyone enjoys crisp and crunchy toasted bread, and we all know of the extensive health benefits associated with kale. If you’ve never tried kale and roasted squash in combo, then this recipe is about to blow your socks off. Cooked simply in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, this starter is incredibly easy and contains nothing but the most wholesome and tasty of ingredients. It’s also topped with shavings of Parmesan cheese for a little extra depth and sophistication.

4. Zucchini Fries

Whether taking on the role as a starter or a side dish, these zucchini fries are guaranteed to make you forget about the starchy and high-carb potato based original. These fries aren’t even fried but rather consist of sticks of zucchini rolled in cheesy breadcrumbs and baked in the oven until they reach a delicious and enticing golden brown. If the whole family is invited to the fathers day feast, bake plenty because they certainly don’t hang around for long.

5. Vegetable Skewers

5. Vegetable Skewers

Photo: Chungah, Damn Delicious

Any kind of food served on a stick is undeniably manly, and skewers certainly don’t have to be overloaded with meat in order to be a worthwhile addition to any meal. This recipe combines a colourful array of fresh vegetables and the best part is you can easily mix and match depending on your favourites and the veggies you have available. However, this recipe suggests a wonderfully delectable combination consisting of mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and onion all of which is marinated in a super healthy and refreshing concoction of olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Roast or grill the skewers and settle down to enjoy nothing but absolute goodness.

6. Chorizo and Jalapeño Breakfast Pizza

Opening the post with starters of course suggests that you’re beginning your Fathers Day extravaganza at lunch or dinner. However, those of you who want to spoil your Dad right from the get go need look no further than this creative breakfast pizza. You know the day is going to be a good one when it begins with eggs, cheese and chorizo on a bread base. The tomato sauce is substituted for scrambled eggs, which is then topped with chorizo sausage, onion and jalapeños and then covered in cheese before being placed in the oven to be transformed into a wonderfully gooey, flavourful and creative breakfast pizza. Cheese may not be the healthiest ingredient in the world, so finish it off with slices of avocado to help bring back the balance.

7. Revolutionary Vegan and Gluten-Free Pancakes

Sticking with the breakfast theme and for those who prefer to stay a little more traditional with their dishes first thing in the morning, are these ultimate revolutionary vegan pancakes. They are made using buckwheat and one additional preferred grain, which are then simply soaked and blended in order to create a very special gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan friendly pancake batter. They come out a little denser and more substantial than your standard pancake, which really sets you up for the day. The best part is they can be finished off in a whole variety of ways in order to satisfy all different palates. A few choices of topping include nut butters, fresh or frozen fruits, maple syrup and spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. This is a great choice for those waking up to a houseful this Father’s day.

8. Veggie and Egg Tower of Power

8. Veggie and Egg Tower of Power-2

Photo: My New Roots

This veggie and egg tower of power is aptly named as its so packed full of vitamins and minerals that you are sure to power through the rest of the day. This makes a great brunch meal but would honestly be devoured by most at any time of the day. At the base of the tower are a few disks of roasted sweet potato, topped with wilted baby spinach and sultry caramelized onion. The tower is finished with a perfectly poached egg with runny golden yellow centre. The plate is then scattered with roasted tomatoes and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, which provides the final touch to this simple yet elegant dish.

9. Beetroot Burger

10. Beetroot Burger

Photo: Green Kitchen Stories

Every Dad has a weakness for a good burger and this burger recipe certainly stands out from the norm. With its bright red appearance, its certainly going to get a lot of attention but the beetroot burger accompanied with mashed avocado, red pepper, red onion, and asparagus is a sure people pleaser. These burgers can be enjoyed in a standard burger bun or go even healthier with an organic sourdough baguette as suggested in this recipe.

10. Mushroom and Cashew Cream Risotto

Nothing suggests a warm and welcoming family dinner better than a steaming bowl of comforting creamy risotto. This recipe however, leaves out some of the more traditional risotto ingredients such as white wine and heavy cream in place of more nutritional alternatives including brown rice, cashew nuts and bouillon powder. The result is a delightful dish filled with mushrooms and asparagus and served with a green salad to create a complete and wholesome meal that will be loved by all.

11. Grilled Filet Mignon with Herb Butter & Texas Toast

If you really cant keep your Dad away from the steak and the grill this Father’s Day, this delicious dish of buttery garlic goodness will fit the bill. The thick and juicy meat of the tenderloin is utterly mouth watering and is paired beautifully with the satisfyingly luxurious butter-sauce. Team this up with a simple salad and you’re on to a winner. The best part is that neither you nor your Dad need feel guilty after gobbling the whole thing down as the entire plate comes to just 303 calories.

12. Sweet Potato Noodles with Roasted Red Pepper ‘Creamy’ Sauce

This wonderfully creamy and rich dish puts an innovative and distinctly healthy twist on traditional pasta based noodles. With use of a vegetable spiralizer, the noodles are created from sweet potato, which provides a gluten-free and low-calorie alternative. Passing a potato through a spiral slicer creates wonderfully light yet wholesome spirals, which are sure to impress even the pickiest of guests. The sauce is bursting full of deep and luxurious red pepper flavour and the creamy texture is very inviting and satisfying. As well as digging into a delicious vegetarian meal, you can also feel smug about all the nutritious vitamins and minerals you’re digesting including vitamins B, C and D courtesy of the sweet potato, topped up with plenty of antioxidants delivered via the tasty red pepper.

13. Crispy Black Bean Quinoa Burritos

13. Crispy Black Bean Quinoa Burritos

Photo: Two Peas And Their Pod

This fantastic Mexican recipe takes all of the best elements of a hearty and comforting burrito and creates it out of healthier and more wholesome ingredients. These burritos are packed full of nutrients delivered primarily via black beans, corn and quinoa. All of the ingredients used provide their own flavour but also bring a number of health benefits to the party. Brag about the high fibre, antioxidants and energy releasing effects of the beans as well as the protein, iron and gluten-free properties of the quinoa. Taking this healthy comfort food to the next level is the creamy avocado dip with which the pan-griddled burritos are served.

14. Snow Pea, Scallion & Radish Salad

15. Snow Pea, Scallion & Radish Salad

Photo: Kimberley Hasselbrink

No family dinner can be considered complete without a salad to accompany the main meal and this light, fresh and incredibly easy to make pea and radish combo is the ideal solution. The three main ingredients complement each other wonderfully and the light flavour with a note of acidity refreshes and cleanses the palate alongside more substantial meals. The dressing is equally simple to put together, combining walnut oil, rice wine vinegar and a dash of sugar. The high-concentrate of omega-3 fatty acid found in walnut oil helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease, giving you yet another reason to incorporate this nutty salad into your dinner plans.

15. Thai Papaya Salad

For those who prefer their salads to have a bit of heat and flair behind them, a Thai papaya salad should tick all the boxes. It may be a slightly more exotic option but it’s also incredibly good for you. Green papaya is the foundation of the salad, which is then jazzed up with a combination of classic Thai flavours including lime, chilli and fish sauce. If your Dad is a fan of truly spicy food, then this is the ideal dish for him. This recipe is simple to follow yet easy to tweak according to your own personal taste preferences. What’s more the natural enzymes contained in unripe or green papaya aids in digestion, so this dish will help the rest of your Father’s Day feast to go down trouble free. The dish is also great fun to make with use of a vegetable spiralizer, which makes creating the dishes iconic long, thin spirals of papaya quick and easy.

16. Curried Potato Salad

Nothing says manly like the somewhat unusual yet successful combination of potato and curry. Adding some heat to this classic side very successfully improves the overall taste experience. However, it also improves the health benefits of the dish, as the blend of spices contained in the curry powder offers cholesterol-lowering, detoxifying and anti-cancer properties. Furthermore, the use of yoghurt rather than mayonnaise keeps the calories down, while the addition of cashews provide a wonderful nutty flavour and a subtle crunch. This is a tasty side dish that makes the ideal accompaniment to a range of dishes.

17. Cinnamon Apple Cake

It is well known that apple and cinnamon is a match made in heaven and the notion is proved once again by this light yet luxurious cake. The sweet and spongy finished article is moist with a nutty and earthy taste provided by the flavour combination of apple, cinnamon and vanilla. The addition of cream cheese in the sponge cake batter makes this cake irresistibly deep and ultimately, the perfect end to a hearty meal. For those feeling guilty about the sugar and cream-cheese content, take some comfort from the fact that cinnamon is not only delicious but also known to be loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

18. Rhubarb and Strawberry Quinoa Crumble

18. Rhubarb and Strawberry Quinoa Crumble

Photo: Green Kitchen Stories

This vegan and gluten-free crumble is as tasty as it is healthy and the slightly unusual ingredients shouldn’t put anyone off giving it a go. The crumble is sweet, crunchy and bursting with fruity freshness. This recipe contains rhubarb, strawberries, apples, vanilla and honey for a wonderful combination of flavours. The finished piece is sweet and satisfying yet contains no added sugar. The fruits contain their own natural sugars and the addition of raw honey takes the sweetness up another level. The honey has the additional advantage of being rich in nutrients that aid sleep, boost memory, alleviate allergies and suppress a cough to name just a few of the many health benefits provided.

19. Fresh Cherry Lemonade

This recipe takes a light, fizzy and refreshing drink and transforms it into the manly choice by adding a generous splash of bourbon. Aside from the bourbon, or preferred choice of liquor, there are only four ingredients required to concoct this thirst-quenching cocktail. Those all-important ingredients are cherries, lemon juice, sugar and cold water, which simply need to be blended together and then passed through a sieve into a pitcher. The drink can be made ahead of time and refrigerated allowing you to spend more of your precious time and attention on taking care of your Dad.

20. Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary’s are one of the few alcoholic drinks that provide you with a massive burst of nutrients, while being a refreshing, fun and alcoholic beverage. Through making your own drink from scratch, you can be sure to maximise on the health benefits and avoid unnecessary extras such as refined sugars. Vodka and tomato juice are the primary ingredients of this low-carb, low calorie cocktail but additional ingredients such as Tabasco, ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce create a wonderfully complex and enjoyable depth of taste. The health benefits of tomatoes and fresh tomato juice are endless and include a reduced risk of heart disease, blood clotting, high-cholesterol and stress as well as the promotion of skin, hair, colon and prostate health. A little tipple along with the meal is sure to go down well with Dad and will provide the ideal ending to the perfect Father’s Day.

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